The 10SM11 controller has been designed to interface with pneumatic, hydraulic  or electromechanical devices. This controller will interface with industry standard switches and sensors. All digital mobile controllers come with free programming software and a program template to facilitate fast control program development.

  • Ideally suited to extreme automotive and industrial applications, static or mobile

  • Mechanical locking connectors to resist vibration

  • Rugged heavy duty design with output short proof protection

  • In-System Flash programmable

  • 1 PWM capable output at 10 bit resolution, other outputs capable at lower      resolution

  • Integrated input, output, fault and power Tell-Tail LED's providing optical feedback for diagnostic and operational monitoring

  • Push-to-test diagnostic switches

  • Digitally hardened against EMI and ESD

  • Environmentally sealed for extended service life

  • Operating temperature - 40°C to +85°C

  • Operating voltage 9 to 30 VDC

  • Controller size of 12.98" x 4.79" x 0.9"

  • Lead-Free design

  • UL 94V-0 Flame Retardant Classification

  • SAE J1455 - Recommended environmental practices for electronic equipment  design (Heavy duty trucks)

  • ASAE EP455 - Over voltage and reverse polarity protected

  • SAE J1113 - Recommended practices for shock, vibration and electromagnetic compatibility with immunity to conducted transients on power leads

  • 2 Year Warranty

10 - Digital inputs

11 - High power outputs

10 - Diagnostic test switches

PWM capable outputs


Electrical Parameters:

Input resistance:  1.1K Ohms                             

Input voltage range: -3 VDC to +30 VDC

Frequency input: 0 to 1KHz

Operating voltage: 9 VDC to 30 VDC

Quiescent current: 19mA

Operating Temperature: - 40°C to +85°C

Forced convection required above +55°C at    maximum output

Environmental protection:                            Gelatinous silicone conformal coating with mechanical locking connectors

Output resistance: 0.038 Ohms @ 25°C

Output current: 5 Amps maximum continuous.

Outputs can be combined for high power output

Outputs are short circuit protected and open circuit monitored

Inductive load protected, repetitive 3 Amp maximum

Voltage swing: 0V to B+ (Battery Voltage)

PWM duty cycle: 0 to 100%

Reverse voltage protected

100% CMOS logic for greatest noise      immunity

Connectors with side locking feature:

10 Pole input connector                                    P/N   CON10W

14 Pole output connector (HIGH CAPACITY)                 P/N   CON14W


Controller Mounting Kit:

This kit contains all the standoffs and hardware necessary to securely mount the 10SM11 controller.

Mounting kit                                                       P/N   MK10SM11

Connector operating lever:

This tool allows easy insertion of wires into connectors.

Operating lever, 10 per package                       P/N   CONTW   

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MCU Parameters:

Microchip RISC PIC16F 8-bit Microcontroller

High performance Flash Microchip PIC16F872

20Mhz = 200nS Fast execution time

4 kByte Enhanced Flash memory

64 Byte EEPROM

128 Byte RAM

Interrupt driven timing control

8 level deep hardware stack

Brown-out detection circuitry for controller reset

Special MCU Features:

10-bit PWM module

Power-on reset (POR)

Power-up timer (PWRT)

Watchdog timer (WDT)

Power saving sleep mode

In-circuit programming

Controller data sheet and connection detail…………………………...

Free programming template…………………………………………...

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Microchip MCU datasheet PIC16F872……………………………….

Free MPLAB IDE controller programming software……...………….